• TRUCOS:2,054
  • GUIAS:570
Nombre de Juego Trucos Guias Preguntas y Respuestos Fotos Videos
Cabela's Alaskan Adventures     
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts     
Cabela's Legendary AdventuresSi Si  
Cabelas African SafariSi Si  
Cabelas Dangerous Hunts Ultimate ChallengeSi Si Si
California Games     
Call of Duty: Roads to VictorySi    
Canabalt Minis    Si
Cannon Fodder     
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded   Si 
Capcom Classics Collection RemixedSi    
Capcom Puzzle WorldSi  Si 
Car Jack Streets   Si 
Cargasm   SiSi
Carnage Heart PortableSiSi   
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter  Si Si
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku     
Cars 2: The Video Game   SiSi
Castle Rustle   Si 
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightSi    
Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesSiSiSiSi 
Championship ManagerSi  Si 
Championship Manager 2006     
Championship Manager 2007   Si 
Charlie Brown's All-Stars     
Chessmaster 11: The Art of Learning     
Chili Con CarnageSi SiSi 
Cho Aniki ZeroSi   Si
Cid The Dummy  SiSiSi
Civilization Revolution Si   
ClaDun x2Si    
Cladun: This is an RPGSi    
Class of HeroesSiSi SiSi
Cloudberry Kingdom   Si 
Coconut Dodge   Si 
Code Lyoko 2     
Code Lyoko : Quest for Infinity  Si  
Coded ArmsSiSi Si 
Coded Arms ContagionSi SiSi 
Colin McRae Rally 2005  SiSi 
Colin McRae: DiRT 2   SiSi
Comet Crash   SiSi
Command and Conquer 4  SiSiSi
Conception: Please Have My Babies    Si
Corpse PartySiSi  Si
Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over MutantSiSi   
Crash Dummy vs. the Evil D-Troit     
Crash of the TitansSiSiSi  
Crash Tag Team RacingSi  Si 
Crazy Taxi: Fare WarsSi  Si 
Creature Defense  SiSi 
Criminal Girls  Si  
Crimson Gem SagaSiSi Si 
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIISiSi Si 
Crush   Si 
Cube   Si 
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Si   
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeSi  Si 
The ConSi    
The Cube